Final To-Do List for the Camino – Only 14 Weeks Remain

Goals for walking the CaminoI have been a program / project manager most of my working career which means an obsessive focus on planning.  This of course runs over into my personal life and I have a Microsoft Project plan, as well as several “To Do” and outfitting lists that I am tracking.  Below is my final 14 week Master “To Do” list for my Camino trail planning with Completion dates.   All this planning has helped reduce my level of Camino Readiness anxiety.

In my last blog post, as you know, I was experiencing anxiety in regards to endurance training for the long 800 km walk to Santiago de Compostella.  I have been focusing on daily training activities and I am feeling good about my level of endurance training which includes hills, deep snow, and engaging the upper body using walking poles.  Most of the items below are already in works, but they all need to be completed in the next 14 weeks.

Item# Camino Preparation Activity Completion Date
1 Evaluate and buy good sandals for resting my feet after walking each day March 15
2 Evaluate the need for a lighter 2nd pair of hiking boots.  Leave at least 2 months to break in the new hiking boots March 15
3 Learn one Spanish phrase per day.  I am using several  iPhone apps Daily
4 Finalize my backpack decision.  I am not sure I want to bring my current training backpack March 31
5 Learn Optimal use of walking poles in conditions other then snow-Watch DVD-Poles for Hiking, Trekking and Walking.  Try different techniques March 31
6 Renewing my passport. March 31
7 Join the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. Feb 28
8 Continue following my training plan.  Complete some level of exercise each day. Add more hill walking. Daily
9 Document and Complete Yoga practices I will use on the Camino:

  • Foot health
  • Warm up and Cool Down Yoga Practice
  • Yin Yoga practice for restorative postures
  • Daily mediations, intentions for walking each day
April 30
10 Evaluate which camera I will take with me, and best approach to posting pictures on the trip April 15
11 Evaluate which plan I will buy for texting and other smart phone services while I am away April 15
12 Outfitting items-finalize with Marta our outfitting list and who will bring and carry what items March 15
13 Organize with my organic spa –Camino kit for foot and personal care items including sun screen lotion April 15
14 Finalize with Marta our first aid / medical kit and emergency , medical travel plan March 15
15 Document “must see” points of interest on the walk.  Include list of Spanish wines we have sampled April 30
16 Book hotels and finalize itinerary for Biarritz and Paris April 15
17 Finalize approach for blog and Facebook posting on the Camino April 30
18 Final MEC purchases

  • Rubber tip for my hiking poles
  • New gaiters
  • Travel drinking cup and cutlery
Feb 28
19 Final music selection, books and apps for my iPhone / iPad April 30
20 Drill holes in the Newfoundland Scallop Shells and tie to backpack April 30
21 Final Outfitting, Packing Dry Run and check with Marion / Marta May 10
22 Choose simple knitting projects –socks/scarf to take along May 10

I am using an iPhone Earworms music based training app for my Spanish phrase learning.   The idea for the training is using song and verse as a memory aid.  We all know that we can remember lyrics to songs from many years ago, and an “earworm” is a tune you just can’t get out of your head.  We have all had one of those earworm song experiences.   We can view memory as a muscle, and it needs to be trained and exercised just like the rest of our body.     Item # 3 on my list is a daily Earworm Spanish practice and today the phrase is “Have you got a table for two? I would like to order a coffee with milk please.  Thank you very much.  “Tiene una mesa para dos?  Quisiera pedir un café con leche por favor.  Muchas gracias”.

How is your training for the Camino coming along? I’d love your feedback. Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one!

Buen Camino,


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