Back Home & Writing the Practical Guide to Walking Your Camino

Marion Doyle

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I have been back home from my Camino trip for 8 weeks now. During that time I have struggled with how to incorporate my new Camino insights, fitness levels and attitudes into my old lifestyle. I have spent over a year of my life focused on training, preparing for and walking the Camino Frances. Now I am back home restless and confused on next steps. I still feel the energy and drive without another outlet or adventure to plan for. I have just experienced 45 days of freedom as a Camino Pilgrim walking each day without the usual work, family and life demands. For 45 days I followed yellow arrows and other Camino markers through medieval villages, country and forest pathways, mountain trails and historical Spanish cities. Each day was the simple adventure of walking from Point A to Point B to new locations and experiences… Freedom to enjoy each new day just focused on me and my walking partner(s) enjoying the magic of the Camino and the endearing support of fellow pilgrims and the local communities along the way.

I came home with great memories, over a thousand pictures, an amazing fitness level and a sense of purpose and adventure. Now what? Back to the daily routines of work, family and regular life with most of your day scheduled and locked in. How can I keep some of that Camino magic and incorporate the special sense of freedom and adventure into my regular daily life? I felt changed at my core when I returned yet as each day passed I felt the Camino magic slipping away and still could not make small changes in my life to keep the magic alive.

I am still walking, with my poles and hiking boots. I am cataloguing my Camino pictures. I am finishing my yoga exam which I put on hold in the last 2 months of my Camino Training. I am reviewing the Camino notes I kept daily with Evernote as well as my Facebook posts. I am reliving Camino memories as I do these tasks, and it helps me deal with the restlessness I feel as I get back into my regular routine which means sedentary and office bound again.

I have decided that I will write a book on my Camino planning, training and walking adding the many insights and adventures that came out the trip. I have done an initial mind-map of the book outline. I think writing and saving my Camino experiences will help me move on to my next adventure. I hope it will help others plan and enjoy the journey as much as I did.

It would be great to get your comments on the book outline. You can contact me via email or telephone or leave a comment right here on the site. I will continue to give updates on how the writing goes.

Buen Camino.


6 thoughts on “Back Home & Writing the Practical Guide to Walking Your Camino

    • Hi Renee
      Hope all is well. Thanks for your kind words. Walking the Camino Frances was a great accomplishment and an adventure of a lifetime.
      The history, culture, beautiful trails and people along the Way of St James all blend together into the magic that is the Camino experience. Medieval villages and bridges, Roman roads, Templar castles are part of the landscape. As you pass them you can imagine the millions of pilgrims who have walked these trails for over a thousand years.
      Imagine the freedom of following yellow arrow markers sometimes just painted on a rock through beautiful country paths or over mountain passes. The markers become elaborate metal plaques or formal signs as you walk through historical Spanish cities like Pamplona, Burgos or Leon. In the lovely forest trails of Galicia there were eucalyptus trees which added a crisp menthol scent to the clean woodsy smells. I would like to write a book so that I can capture my travel notes, pictures, memories and blog posts to keep the magic of the Camino alive for me, and to provide information to future pilgrims. Buen Camino.

    • Hi Joe.
      You are a brave soul volunteering to read my writing. I appreciate it. Since you were a Camino walking buddy I am hoping you can help fill in some of the memory gaps. Marta and I definitely enjoyed your companionship on our Camino walks. You could always make us laugh with your commentaries on the trails. Especially your insights on our travel book with its flowery phrases such as “you will enjoy the gently undulating hills” which really translated into hours of tough walking up and down steep, slippery rocky hills. I think you should write a chapter on the architecture of hermitages, monasteries and churches along the Way of St James. Plus include those ground sheltered hobbit houses and miles of old brick walls. It was a great adventure and thanks for adding to our fun.
      Your Camino buddy Marion.

  1. Hi Marion – I wondered if your book is printed – We are having our semiannual meeting on Oct 31, and I wondered if you wanted a table to sell your book – there is so much interest in that area amongst the unwalked. Let me know if you would like to be with us.

    • Hi Darlene great to hear from you I see your weekly Camino Training walks are going well. In regards to my Camino Training book, unfortunately in the past year I have been disconnected from the Camino magic. I still walk, but my focus has been on family and a new job. I am glad to hear there would be interested in a Camino training book. I will give it some thought and let you know if I decide to re-engage. I could use a little Camino magic these days. Take care. Buen Camino. Marion

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