Yoga Practice for Strong and Healthy Camino Feet

how to train for the caminoIn 9 weeks (May 16) Marta and I will be leaving for our 40 day pilgrims walking adventure on the Camino de Santiago.  As we finalize our preparation I am taking the time to be good to my feet.  It has been a long winter in heavy boots and socks and my feet need dedicated exercise and massage to remove the tension, strain and tenderness that has accumulated.  Yoga is a great way to take care of your feet.  Your feet will get a healthy workout in many yoga postures.  Being barefoot and focusing on balancing weight distribution and body alignment is just the start.

For this blog post I have compiled a sequence of 9 yoga poses, and highlighted the different benefits for your feet and lower legs.  I kept the postures easy at beginner’s level so that the focus is on the feet. This yoga practice could be a stand-alone session at the end of a long day, or could be added to the beginning or end of a longer Yoga practice or another exercise routine. Continue reading