4 Recommendations on Budgeting for the Camino de Santiago

budget for the caminoIn a previous blog post, I received 5 great questions about training for and walking the Camino de Santiago.  One of the questions was how much cash to take on the journey. Below are my 4 recommendations on how to budget for the trail.

1.  If you are walking the Camino Frances, there are many ATM’s along the way.  I have seen recommendations for carrying at least 3 days of expenses in cash.  Below is a table which shows how much cash I will carry with me, as well as the total cost of the trip.  This would include travel, lodging, food, emergency stash, and miscellaneous purchases and costs.  You will always be able to find an ATM within 3 days of walking (more frequently in many areas).   If your bank belongs to the Global ATM Alliance, you can get your fees waived.  You may not be able to find a Barclays or other partner bank ATM along your route so be prepared to pay ATM fees –averaging 2 Euros each time. In regards to your bank card (ATM Card), it is a good practice to advise your bank how long and where you will be traveling.

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