5 Months and Counting… Training for the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Training for the CaminoNovember 3rd is the 5 month anniversary of my Camino training – both Walking and Yoga.   It is time for reflection on both my accomplishments and planning of the next steps for my fitness level improvements and training approach during the next 5 months in order to complete the walk on the Camino Santiago de Compostela.


  1. I have walked 278 km’s in 50 hours keeping my pace sub 10 minutes per kilometer.
  2. I have completed 93 hours of Yoga practice, including poses, and meditations.
  3. I have lost 7 pounds, and toned up so that I can reduce a size fitting for my pants.
  4. I have developed an exercise training plan which I update daily and evaluate weekly, making adjustments as required.
  5. I have purchased and continue to “break-in” my hiking boots (95 km to date).
  6. I have developed the mental toughness that ensures the commitment to my training plan.  The idea of walking 800 km’s in 40 days, no longer overwhelms me.
  7. I have developed the lung capacity to keep my pace sub 10 minutes per kilometer over longer distances (8 to 11 km’s)   This has allowed me to add running and “fartlek” training to my walks.

Next Steps

  1.  I will start carrying a backpack on my walks.  My goal is to load a day pack with water, camera, a change of clothes, towel, snacks, and other items that would be part of a daily kit.
  2. I am planning my strategy for winter walking.  I am evaluating walking poles to use with hiking boots or snowshoes when the winter snowfalls start.
  3. I am planning my cold weather outfitting.  Dressing in layers is the key.  I need to purchase Gore-Tex gators and an outer shell to wear over my thermal layers.
  4. I am choosing my routes to ensure I don’t get stranded without shelter in the event of harsh weather. I will increase my longest walking distance from 11 to 20 km’s.  This is a challenge in the winter.
  5. I will continue my Yoga practice, starting my Yoga Instructor exams at the end of March.
  6. I am not a treadmill walker so I will find an indoor track to use when the weather conditions are extreme.
  7. I will develop the next level of mental toughness which will push me out the door to walk long distance (10-20 km’s) with a backpack, walking poles and multiple layers of clothing in Canadian winter conditions.
  8. I will lose 10 pounds over the next 5 months.

I am looking forward to the challenge of training in the 5 months from November through end of March.  I will be leaving for my Camino adventure on May 16, 2014.  If I can keep to my training plan and survive the Canadian winter walking conditions I will be confident that I can face any conditions on the Camino trail.  I have lost my enthusiasm for winter exercise over the last decade.  It’s time to get that enthusiasm for the winter back.  After all I am Canadian eh?

How about you? How is your Camino training coming along? Share your accomplishments and challenges with me. I’d love your feedback. And leave a link back to your own blog too!

Buen camino


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